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The beautiful city of Augusta is a city That's very rich Ever, being Georgia's second oldest city with a downtown historic district which encompasses most of the city's downtown area and its own pre-Civil War area.

The Downtown Historic District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2004.

There are at least eight additional historic districts in Augusta that contain many old houses. Included in the Summerville Historic District, Greene Street Historic District, Broad Street Historic District, Sands Hill Historic District, Pinched Gut Historic District, Laney-Walker North Historic District, Bethlehem Historic District and the Harrisburg-West End Historic District.

1 notable old house that the town of Augusta can proudly Show off is the Boyhood Home of President Woodrow Wilson situated at 419 7th St. It is where Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the USA, lived with his family from 1860 to 1870, the longest period spent in 1 residence. The Service Wing along with the Carriage House of the house have been restored to their initial design.

1797 with a prominent tobacco merchant, is a superb example of late 18th-century Federal style architecture that's said to be the greatest surviving house in Georgia.

The Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art is another example Of the best Federal architecture, located at 506 Telfair Street. It is recorded on the National Register of Historic Places and remains as the sole non-profit contemporary gallery and visual arts college in the region. The Institute features almost 30 exhibitions by regional and national artists.

The architectural characteristics of the structure still shine Up for this day, which shows the artisanship of a bygone era compared to contemporary art.

The Meadow Garden, located at 1320 Independence Drive, is The earliest documented house in Augusta and the first historical preservation project in the nation.

There's also the Gorgeous Greek revival-style building Of the Old Medical College situated at 598 Telfair St., which was created by Charles B. Cluskey.

Currently, the construction is used for group functions and events click here and is open for self-guided tours by appointment.

There continue to be many historic houses and structures in the Town of Augusta that you may go to. So come to Augusta and explore the town's more Than 250 years of history while appreciating the abundance of outdoor recreational Chances that the city provides to everyone.

Augusta, GA

Augusta is a town in Georgia which was merged with Richmond County. Its metro region is situated in both Georgia and South Carolina split from the Savannah River.

Located right at the Piedmont segment Of Georgia 2 hours east of downtown Atlanta, Augusta is named after Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, the mother of British monarch King George III and also the spouse of Frederick, the Prince of Wales.

Augusta is the principal town of this Augusta-Richmond County Metropolitan Statistical Area And is known internationally in the area of golfing, being the regular host of The Experts Golf Tournament in spring.

The tournament attracts more than 200,000 visitors from all Over the planet as golf players compete at the Augusta National Golf Course, whose membership is broadly regarded as the most exclusive in the sport of golf on earth.

Augusta National Golf Course was ranked in 2009 as the Third best golf course in the world by Golf Magazine, with its reasons famous for being so pristine.

The Masters Golf Tournament is among the very Prestigious and one of those four leading golf championships that attract the finest amateur and professional golfers in the world during the first full week of April every year.

Apart from this, Augusta additionally boasts of disc golf facilities and frequently hosts the Augusta

Dog park, amphitheater, bike and jogging paths, and gardens.

Championships, which were held in Pendleton King, Lake Olmstead and also other courses. It was attended by 299 disk golfers from all over the world.

However, Augusta is not only known worldwide in the game of golf.

The town is also the standard website of the Head of the South Regatta youth rowing competition, which can be held in the Savannah River and is usually slated in early November.

Augusta is abundant with outdoor recreational facilities where Guests may enjoy. Included in these are the Riverwalk Augusta, a riverfront park along and on top of the city's levee; Augusta Common, a green space linking Broad Street into Reynolds Street with statue of James Oglethorpe; Augusta Canal, a historical canal with bicycle and pedestrian paths; Phinizy Swamp Nature Park, a wetlands park with pedestrian and bike paths and boardwalks; Diamond Lakes Regional Park situated in the south Richmond County; Brookfield Park, a public park with playground, putting green, pedestrian and bicycle trail, and a fountain; and the Patriots Park, a public park with a disc golf course, playground, tennis court and spacious areas for football, football, softball and baseball.

So even if you don't wish to play golf while in the city, It is possible to still enjoy your stay by seeing those recreational facilities.


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